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Floor Drain Maintenance in London

Floor Drain Maintenance in London

Our plumbers in London would like to offer a few tips on a proper floor drain maintenance in London for the homeowners who want to effectuate a basic plumbing maintenance which is needed to keep a safe and effective plumbing system in their homes.

1. Fill the traps in your London home, assisted by local plumbers

The floor drains from inside your home capture overflow from toilets, sinks, bathtubs and other appliances. Outdoor floor drains move the water rapidly from surfaces during and after heavy rains.

No matter if they are inside the house or not, floor drains are meant to direct the water in an efficient and safe manner to a sewer or municipal storm drain so that the floor remains dry and the rooms do not get flooded.

The purpose of these traps is to avoid sewer smells and gasses from penetrating through the drain and coming inside the house.

Ensure you fill these traps on a regular basis to make sure they are functioning correctly. Do this by pouring 3.7 liters of water down every floor drain in your house.

The water is meant to fill the traps, building a barrier between the house and the sewer system.

2. Have our plumbers in London eliminate any clogs

If a floor drain is clogged, it is generally easy to notice. The water does not drain out from the bathtub or from the floor and it starts gathering around the drain.

 This also implies that the water is left undiscarded. This implies that the shampoo, conditioner or germs which were washed off are now collected in a still place.

This creates an unhealthy and unsightly buildup. No matter what the size of the clog is, there can be serious consequences.

The best thing to do in such a situation is to have our plumber in London come ASAP and clear the clog before it causes any more damages to your house and health.

3. Eliminate bad smells using the services of plumbers near me 

In case the floor drains in your home or office smell bad, it generally happens because the traps are dried out.

Floor drains have a U-shape or P-trap pipe, which is a great floor drain maintenance tip in London. In case you smell sewer gas, our emergnecy plumber in London advises you to fill the drain with a bucket of water.

This seals off the sewer gasses and allows you to check if the drain functions appropriately.

If you have more questions about the drain floor maintenance in London, we invite you to get in touch with us. Also, we can help you with any plumbing services in London you might need.