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Replacement of Aluminium Doors in London

Replacement of Aluminium Doors in London

More solid than uPVC or hardwood, aluminium doors offer better insulation and have a wide variety of styles and colors, as well as of profiles and frame widths which can fit well on a house. Aluminium is a great choice for entry or sliding patio doors. Even though they are more durable than most of other common doors, sometimes the replacement of aluminium doors in London is necessary. It is recommended to leave this job for a professional plumber in London, as it tends to be quite complicated and tricky.

How the replacement of aluminium doors is effectuated by our plumbers in London

When replacing aluminium doors in London, our localplumbers follow the steps indicated below:

1.    Take measurements: the plumber in London will measure the width and length of the  outside frame;
2.    Provide you with new frames: the majority of aluminium doors are made in a standard size;
3.    The following measure that needs to be taken when replacing an aluminium door in London is to take out the old frames: Old putty and filler have to be removed and the area is cleaned;
4.    Then, the emergency plumber in London will install the new frames. Using putty or cement, the gaps between the wall and the frame are filled and it is fixed in one place so that it does not move. It is best to leave the frame untouched until the putty or cement has entirely dried.
5.    Finally, the new door frame is installed. The glass, if any, is put and left to set. 

Benefits of aluminium doors in London

When replacing an aluminium door in London by our local plumbers, there are certain advantages that you will be able to enjoy, such as:

•    Durability: aluminium is a much more solid material compared to others and, if cared of appropriately, it will last a long period of time without degradation;
•    Modern design: the styles of architecture design are in continuous change, more home owner are choosing aluminium doors just because they are more flexible. These door frames can be sprayed in any color and shaped to fit a more contemporary style building;
•    Cleaner frame: Due to the fact that aluminium is a strong material, the door frames that need to be installed are thinner. As a result, more light will enter the room, leaving the windows look cleaner.

If you need replacement of aluminium doors in London, please get in touch with our plumbers in London.