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Flexible Hoses in London

Flexible Hoses in London

Flexible hoses in London, simply known as hoses, represent flexible pipes which can carry liquids and gases from one location to another. They are fabricated from different materials, such as nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC, or natural or synthetic rubber, depending on the environment and the necessary pressure rating. A plumber in London can offer more information on the appropriate flexible hose which best suits your needs.

Uses of flexible hoses in London

Flexible hoses in London have different purposes in plumbing, such as:

•    Garden hoses: they are used to water the plants in a property garden or to transport water to a sprinkler with the same use;
•    Hoses used to wash cars: because they do not tear, flexible hoses in London can be utilized to wash a car in the owner’s yard;
•    Cleaning the siding of a property: flexible hoses can bend around buildings, therefore they can be used to clean the house siding;
•    Dislodging solid and difficult dirt;
•    Sometimes a device is set up at the end of the hose to clean and scrubbing down an alley or sidewalk.

General information on flexible garden hoses presented by our plumber in London

The most common type of hoses are the flexible garden ones and they are commonly required by clients to our local plumbersFlexible garden hoses in London are generally fabricated from a soft plastic or synthetic rubber, a lot of times being strengthened by an internal structure of fibers. Because of the materials which are used in manufacturing them, this type of hoses are flexible and present a smooth surface, being easily manipulated around trees, corners or other obstacles. They are also solid enough to resist being stepped on or scraped on stones without breaking or leaking.

Flexible garden hoses are connected by a male/female thread linking. Spigots (taps or faucets) usually have male connectors and the end of a hose presents a captive nut which connects into the threads. The specialized term used by plumbers in London for this type of connection is called a hose union.

Every male end of a common flexible garden hose in London can connect with the female connector on the other end of it, this way, enabling the connection of several garden hoses at each other’s ends in order to become longer.

For further advice on the installation, maintenance and safe usage of flexible hoses or for other plumbing services, please get in touch with one of our local plumbers

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