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Types of Water Supply Tubes in London

Types of Water Supply Tubes in London

Have you ever wondered how water travels through the city-state to your tap? Is the water supply tubing in London safe, or can it get contaminated?

Our plumbers in London answer these questions.

The water distribution network in London

The water supply tubes in London fall under the responsibility of the national water agency, PUB.

According to PUB, the water distribution network in London is made of a network of pipes which are resistant to corrosion, like copper or cement-line ductile iron pipes. Also, the water distribution network in the city-state does not utilize lead jointing or lead.

Copper pipes are generally utilized in hot water installations. And that is due to the fact that they have high tensile power and, thus, they are able to have thin walls, being easily bendable. 

Sometimes, copper pipes used in water supply tubes in London can be coated with chromium by our plumbers in London to improve their appearance. 

Cement-line ductile iron pipes are widely utilized for the drainage of rainwater from roofs, waste and soil, as well as for ventilation.

These types of pipes come in 3 meters lengths. However, their main fault is that they are easily breakable, but they are cost-effective.

Maintenance of water supply tubes in London

Maintaining regularly the water supply tubes in London is crucial to make sure that you have a clean, appropriate water flow in your house.

Sometimes, the water supply tubes in London may get damaged because of one of the following reasons:

•    The booster pump of the reticulation system is not functioning;
•    Air gets locked inside the pipes;
•    Deterioration and utilization or being hit by different objects;
•    Pipes can get choked.

It is imperative to have a qualified emergency plumber in London to effectuate the necessary repairs when needed. 

Also, let the Town Council know if you have low water pressure due to a defect in the booster pump. And, if you detect a leak, our emergency plumber inLondon advises you to turn off the stopcock at the PUB water sub-meter to interrupt the water supply.

If you require more information on the types of water supply tubes in London, or for any plumbing problem you might have, please contact our local plumbers.