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Repair or Replace a Mixer Tap in London

Repair or Replace a Mixer Tap in London

A mixer tap is a tap through which hot, as well as cold water, goes at the same time by separate controls.

If you have a plumbing problem with your mixer tap, be it that it is leaking or whether the taps are playing up, or if you just want to give your kitchen a new look and replace it entirely, it is always handy to know how to repair or replace a mixer tap in London. Below are a few tips from our plumbers in London.

Our plumbers in London can help you with any plumbing issue, including the repair and replacement of mixer taps around the house.

Types of mixer taps used in London

There are various types of mixer taps which can be used in a home and it is useful to say that technology has evolved even in the plumbing sector, so modern appliances can be used for plumbing purposes.

Among these, mixer taps are very convenient when it comes to matching them with the other appliances in the kitchen or bathroom. However, when choosing a mixer tap, its repair or replacement must be considered, as these can get worn out quite easy.

 Quick Facts  
 The purpose of a mixer tap 

The mixer tap is necessary so that the end consumer can use water for drinking, washing and other purposes. 

The water tap is the end of the plumbing system necessary for the usage and control of water in accordance to one’s needs.   

 Types of mixer taps 

 – the monobloc mixer tap;

– the 2 hole/3 hole mixer tap;

– the waterfall mixer tap;

– the wall-mounted mixer tap;

– the tall mixer tap;

– the pillar tap;

– the sensor tap, etc.  

 Minimum cost of a mixer tap 

If you want to repair or replace a mixer tap in London you must know that the minimum cost starts from GBP 20 – GBP 30.  

 Maximum costs of a mixer tap  The most expensive options start from GPB 200 to GBP 1,000 depending on the model, functionality, brand and quality.   
 Fees charged by our plumbers for installing mixer taps 

 In order to repair or replace a mixer tap in London, a plumber can charge around GBP 40 to GBP 60. 

Plumbing issues related to mixer taps  

– dripping;

– leaking;

– pressure issues;

– limescale;

– mechanical issues – a component of the mixer tap doesn’t work properly, etc.    

 Can homeowners fix their own mixer taps? 

 Although a faulty mixer tap is considered a minor plumbing issue, it is never recommended that the homeowners will fix it, because it can lead to more complicated issues. 

 Can plumbers install outside water taps? (yes/no) 


 Fees for installing outdoor water taps 

 GPB 50 to GBP 200. 

 How to replace a mixer tap 

– the replacement of a mixer tap starts by removing the previous tap;

– then, the plumber will assess the situation of the pipes to see if they need to be cleaned or if they need any additional work;

– after this, the plumber will initiate the fitting of the new tap;

– will connect the tap under the sink and to the water pipes;

– will verify to see if the tap works properly.    

 Emergency services related to mixer taps 

 An emergency service in this case can be when the mixer tap bursts or it leaks large volumes of water.  

 Duration of the procedure for installing/replacing water taps 

In general, our plumber can repair or replace a mixer tap in London in 1 hour of work, if other problems are not identified during the process.   

 Tools necessary for mixer taps plumbing services 

 This procedure does not need too many tools, it can be completed only with an Allen key and with an adjustable spanner. 

 How long does it take for our plumbers to get to your premises? 

 Depending on your location, our team can arrive at your premises in approximately 30 mins and maximum 1 hour. 

 Fees charged for emergency plumbing   The fee for emergency services start from GBP 100 to GBP 150 per 1 hour of work.  

As a matter of fact, the multitude of mixer taps available on the market can make it hard for homeowners to choose one for their kitchens or bathrooms or even both.

Here are the main types of mixer taps you can have installed in your home in London:

  1. the single lever mixer tap, which is used in the kitchen is very safe and quite common in London;
  2. the monobloc mixer tap is available for both kitchen and bathroom and is easy to install;
  3. the bridge mixer is available in various styles and can be used for both kitchen and bathrooms;
  4. the deck mounted tap is usually used in the kitchen and it has a very simple assembly procedure;
  5. single and deck mounted taps with pull-out sprays are often met in London, as they are very useful in the kitchen;
  6. floor and wall mounted mixer taps have also started to become popular in London in the last few years.

When choosing a mixer tap for your kitchen or bathroom, there are several aspects to consider and our London plumbing professionals can guide you based on your needs.

They can also offer some useful tips on the maintenance of mixer taps so that you don’t have to repair them too often or have them replaced too soon after the purchase.

What is the cost of mixer taps in London?

When repairing or replacing mixer taps in London, you will have to take 2 things into consideration, when it comes to costs. First, you will have to check the market price of mixer taps, which are sold by many manufacturers and stores.

You will make a decision concerning this based on the quality of the products, the advantages they offer, the budget you want to spend, etc. The second important matter is the fee charged by our plumbers in London for this service.

In the list below, you can find out some of the main costs:

  • a basic mixer tap for the kitchen can cost GBP 30;
  • a copper or golden tap, which is very fashionable nowadays, can cost GBP 65 to GBP 375;
  • mixer taps which provide instant boiling water function – they cost GBP 300 to GBP 1500;
  • the mixer tap with the boiling water function comes with other important parts, such as water tank, water filters, and the costs are not included (a water filter costs around GBP 40);
  • kitchen mixer taps with a pull out system cost GBP 60 to GBP 300.

The most common problems with mixer taps

Our plumbers in London have identified some of the most common problems homeowners deal with in their kitchens and bathrooms and mixer taps are among them.

Most of the times, a mixer tap can cause the following problems:

  • the control handles work incorrectly or stop working for good and only hot or cold water runs through the tap;
  • water starts leaking around the faucet which often leads to pipes bursting and floods;
  • concealed leaks are also a common problem of mixer taps, especially in the bathroom;
  • seals can also cause problems not only in mixer taps, but in all types of faucets, however, this is not a very serious problem;
  • spouts dripping continuously have also been reported as one of the most common problems of mixer taps.

Identifying the problem correctly is often the most important part of having a mixer tap repaired or replaced and even if it seems an easy DIY job, it can sometimes become a greater issue.

Our local plumbers recommend having a mixer tap repaired only when the problem is not caused by the tap itself. When one of the control handles stops working or the spout starts dripping, it is best to have the tap replaced in order to avoid serious problems, including an increased water bill.

What are the fees charged by plumbers for mixer taps services?

Whether you need the services of our plumbers for mixer taps leaking issues, or for changing the washer on the mixer tap, you will need to know that our team charges specific fees for each type of service.

Plumbing is a private business activity and therefore, all plumbers will need to charge for their services. The fees vary greatly on the type of plumbing issue a client needs our team for.

For matters related to mixer tap washer replacement or to fix a dripping mixer tap, the fees are not very high. You can find out in the list below some of the fees charged for plumbing issues related to the mixer tap:

  • the average cost of handling mixer taps leaking or installing a new mixer tap is around GBP 140 at a national level (the cost refers only to the labor of our plumber, not the prices for the products that have to be installed);
  • for mixer tap washer replacement, our team can charge GBP 80 to GBP 150;
  • installing an outdoor tap can cost GBP 160 and this also includes the price of the products used;
  • if our plumbers need to fix a dripping mixer tap, the cost can be of minimum GBP 100.

Of course, our plumbers can help you in solving any other plumbing issue that you may have in your kitchen or bathroom. We highly advise you to address our team if you observe mixer taps leaking, as this can easily turn into a more costly plumbing issue over time.

Can plumbers near me repair mixer tap in London?

If you want to repair a mixer tap in London, you will need certain tools such as:

Here are the most important steps that need to be followed when repairing a mixer tap in London:

  1. remove the screw in the handle;
  2. take away the handle;
  3. take away the dome cover;
  4. remove the locking nut;
  5. take away the mixer cartridge.

Even though is it a fairly simple job, repairing a mixer tap in London can be quite problematic if you are not a professional plumber in London. We recommend you to let a professional deal with this issue while you take care of your daily activities.

Installing the new mixer tap –  a task presented by our plumber in London

When installing a new mixer tap in London, homeowners are advised to remove all things from under the sink so that the plumber can easily reach the pipes beneath. 

Replacing a mixer tap in London is commonly easier than taking away the existing one. All the London plumbing professional has to do is reverse the procedure and install the new tap appropriately and to ensure that all seals are tight so that there will not be any leaks.

When replacing a mixer tap in London, the following steps are taken:

  1. fitting of the new tap on the top side of the sink;
  2. connecting the tap under the sink;
  3. connecting the tap to the water pipes;
  4. turning on the water.

Depending on the make and the model of the mixer tap, there can be different types of seal rings that are utilized. The fastest and easiest way to get a perfect match is to preserve the old one and go to the local plumbing store in London to acquire an exact replacement or a plumber’s repair kit.

What to consider when repairing or replacing a mixer tap in London

Mixer taps are probably some of the most used plumbing appliances in kitchens and bathrooms in London.

This is why homeowners often have problems with them. In order to avoid such problems, it is important to choose high-quality mixer taps, and here our emergency plumber in London, talks about the materials these taps are made from.

The better the materials, the harder to replace a mixer tap becomes. When it comes to repairs, it is easy to have classic mixer taps instead of wall mounted ones.

The cost of the mixer tap is another thing to consider when buying a mixer tap, however, it is good to know that more expensive taps are also better in terms of quality, and thus harder to break.

Among the most common mixer taps are pillar ones which are the easiest to get broken, but also to repair or replace. Mixer taps have many advantages, however, their variety can make it difficult for homeowners to decide on.

This is why, if you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen and need guidance in choosing these simple, yet complicated appliances, our plumbers in London can make some recommendations.

If you decide to repair a mixer tap before replacing it with a new one, there are a few things you should consider.

First of all, a mixer tap has three main parts which consist of the water controls, the spout, and the tap. This is why when trying to repair it on your own, you should first handle each water control individually.

How long does it take to complete mixer tap issues?

If you want to know how long it will take for changing the washer on the mixer tap, please know that this procedure can be completed in only 1 hour of work, as the plumbing work is generally rather simple (compared to other plumbing issues).

Also, changing the washer on the mixer tap has a very low price, it cost only GBP 60 (the price refers only to the manual work of the plumber).

Our team will generally fix a dripping water tap in less than 1 hour, if the leaking is not connected to another plumbing issue of pipes. However, our plumbers generally charge by 1 hour of labor, so the client will have to pay for 1 hour of work.

Issues concerning mixer taps are generally completed in only few hours of work, from the experience of our team there wasn’t a need to spend more time on mixer tap water replacement or changing the washer on the mixer tap.

Please know that there are differences regarding the duration of our plumber’s work when it comes to installing a washer tap and changing the washer on the mixer tap or any other replacement.

This is due to the fact that our plumber will first have to take off certain components of the mixer tap or the entire mixer tap, and then to install the new ones.

If you need to repair or replace a mixer tap, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced plumbers in London. You can rely on our specialists for any plumbing issue you have around your house in London.