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How to Clean Porcelain Fixtures in London

How to Clean Porcelain Fixtures in London

One of the most important tasks when remodeling or changing fixtures around the house is keeping them clean. Among these fixtures, we can usually find bathroom sinks and bathtubs and kitchen sinks. In new homes in London, most of these fixtures are entirely made of porcelain or are covered with a thin layer of porcelain. Keeping such fixtures away from dirt and scratches is not easy, however, it can be done. Our local plumbers can offer more details. 

Our plumber in London has put together a list with the how porcelain fixtures can be cleaned and maintained as best as possible for a long period of time.

1.Common problems with porcelain fixtures in London, presented by plumbers near me 

Frist of all, let’s see what the most common problems you can encounter when having porcelain fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen:

  •           dirt, which can take the form of soap, shaving cream, deposits given by hard water in the bathroom sink especially if it is made of porcelain;
  •           the bathtub can also be affected by residues of soap, shower gel, and other cleaning products;
  •           a porcelain kitchen sink will usually get stained with dishwashing soap and food remains;
  •           scratches are perhaps one of the most severe problems porcelain fixtures can have.

 2. Preservation is the most important when dealing with porcelain fixtures in London

The first advice you will get from emergency plumber in London when installing a porcelain sink or bathtub is to try and keep it clean all the time. So, try to clean it as gently as possible after each use.

3. You can use commercial products to clean porcelain fixtures

There are a lot of cleaners you can find in supermarkets or specialized stores. These can be common cleaners for multi-surfaces or cleaners dedicated to porcelain fixtures. Even if they are more expensive, our local plumbers recommend you use the cleaners for porcelain fixtures.

4.Homemade products for cleaning porcelain fixtures in London

One of the best products you can use to clean porcelain fixtures in your London home is a mix of warm water and dishwashing soap. For deep cleaning, you can use baking soda and ammonia mixed into a paste. Rubbed gently on the porcelain surface, it can do miracles.

If you need assistance in replacing kitchen or bathroom fixtures or other plumbing services in London, please contact our professionals.