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Common Water Heater Problems

Common Water Heater Problems

The water heater is an important appliance in any household. Alike most fixtures, though, it can sometimes develop issues. In this article, our plumbers in London describe a few common water heater problems and their fixes.

Problems with the water temperature in London, presented by plumbers near me

If the water is not heated enough, it most likely is because the thermostat on the tank was changed. The simple solution to this is just to rise or decrease the temperature several degrees so that the tank is functioning correctly.

In case there is no hot water at all, it might be because the electric, heating element or gas thermocouple is not functioning.

Our emergencyplumber in London can reliably and quickly replace these components for you so that you can enjoy your hot water again.

Strange noises from the water heater

If the water heater is the source of strange noises, this might be because of expanding and contracting metal pieces. 

Other times, hard water scale and minerals may gather inside the tank or on the heating elements of the electric water heater.

If heated, the dissolved hard water materials form scale which gathers into the inside surfaces, causing the water heater to become less effective and more prone to dysfunctions.

To avoid this issue, water heaters have an aluminum or magnesium anode rod which is placed on top of the tank. To avoid scale from gathering, our plumbers in London advise you to flush out the tank every few months.

The water heater in London interrupts the electricity

The circuit breaker might be tripped when the water heater gets more power than it should. This might happen because of a bad thermostat, a damaged heating element or wiring issues.

When such an issue occurs, our emergency plumber in London advise you to shut off the water heater. Then, have a plumber inspect it immediately.

Then, avoid utilizing hot water until the issue is fixed. In case our plumber assures you everything is functioning correctly with the water heater, it is time to have an electrician verify the electrical connections.

For more about adjusting a tankless water heater, or for any plumbing services in London, please speak to our friendly local plumbers.